La Parra House

The house known as ‘Casa de la Parra’, though some documents refer to it as ‘Casa de los Lagares’, is part of the Princes’ Manor in Realejo Bajo.

However, the name that has prevailed is the first one. Of elegant architectural structure, the house has an L-shaped layout, which has been recently restored and opened to public as a cultural area.

The oldest building –dating from the 17th century- is located between San Sabastian square and the beginning of Guillermo Camacho Street. It has thick walls, a roof and asymmetric openings, with an adjoining building on the northern side. This part of the house has a large inner space with a flat cover, large windows, a corridor leading to the patio and a balcony on the façade, all of which are examples of 19-century and early 20th-century architecture.