What to know

If you have walked down the narrow streets in the historic centre that are rich with history, if you have enjoyed the beautiful views to be found in the countryside, if you have let yourself be enchanted by the flavours of the ‘bonita’ potato and local pastries, or worn the traditional outfits and shared in the joys of the local festivities, and if you have walked on the black volcanic sands of the beaches here, then you have experienced most of what Los Realejos has to offer. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t leave before finding out a few more facts.

Bits and pieces of history that would set dates and mark the evolution of the Canary Islands, as well as famous historical figures who were born, lived or passed away with the name of Los Realejos engraved on their souls, but also some interesting facts which help visitors understand why this is such a special, one-of-a-kind municipality that is proud of its past, thrilled about the future and forever willing to welcome visitors.