Los Realejos stands out from other towns in Spain because of the sheer number of festivals that are celebrated here on an annual basis – close to one hundred a year! Many of these festivals were arranged by enthusiastic local residents who were keen to throw a party, whilst others, which have withstood the test of time, have been around for more than four hundred centuries.

The festive cycle coincides with the start of the New Year. The celebrations encapsulate authentic relics of traditional culture, including the dressing of flower crosses every May 3rd, the fruit arch in honour of St. Peter (San Pedro), the procession of sailors from Puerto de la Cruz to the Virgin of Mount Carmel (Virgen de Carmen), and also Easter.

Did you know…?

  • Los Realejos has more festivals than any other town in Spain, and possibly even the world! In just one year close to one hundred different celebrations are held throughout the municipality.
  • The first festival to be declared of interest to tourism in the Canary Islands was the celebration of the Feast of the Holy Cross and Fireworks in May (Cruces y Fuegos de Mayo), which is held in Los Realejos.

Despite the number and diversity of festivals, all of them share things in common: fireworks, paper bunting, tree branches used to decorate the streets and squares, flags and hangings that are draped from houses and rooftops, the commissions, the flag handover, the friendly rivalry, potato feasts, and the overwhelming variety of food that is on offer to neighbours and visitors alike.

It is the idiosyncrasies of the town that have led to the explosion of festivities that are found in Los Realejos, a town in which residents try to out-do themselves each year to ensure greater exposure and participation for the events.