Route 0-4-0

The daring route 0-4-0 starts down at El Socorro beach then crosses several neighbourhoods of the municipality before making its ways into Teide National Park. It then climbs to the highest point on the peak of Teide before making its way back down to El Socorro beach again.

For those who love hard-core sporting challenges in the great outdoors, Los Realejos has some of the steepest geography that can be found within Spanish territory along its Route 0-4-0.

It’s an extremely demanding route, with close to 7600 metres of uneven terrain over almost 58 km of mountainous terrain. These extreme features have made it an exclusive challenge for adventurous trail runners, who manage to set a new unimaginable record each year. This route has undoubtedly become the great Teide challenge, the third tallest volcano from its base on the planet.

This route provides trail-running enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to put themselves to test. Light equipment, experience, boldness and hard training are essential in order to take part in this challenge.