Natural Reserves

Los Realejos is one of the most privileged municipalities in Tenerife, as regards its rich nature. The fact that nearly 50% of its land is protected under environmental laws speaks volumes.

Given its particular conditions, Los Realejos is considered one of the best-preserved areas in the Canary Islands. The preservation of its natural reserves is regulated and supported by several legal instruments at a national, regional (Canarian Natural Sites Regulation), European (Special Protection Area for Birds) and global level (World Heritage by UNESCO).

The following are the most relevant protected natural reserves in Los Realejos: Teide National Park (79 ha), La Corona Forestal National Park (2270 ha), the Protected Landscapes of Los Campeches, Tigaiga and Ruiz (510 ha), the Protected Landscape of Rambla de Castro (45.9 ha), the Natural Monument of Friars’ Mountain (25.7 ha) and the Site of Scientific Interest of Ruiz Ravine (49.8 ha).

The rich and diverse ecosystems in Los Realejos provide visitors with a unique and beautiful setting to enjoy different activities in the great outdoors. Hiking through the wide network of trails connecting these natural reserves is a must for both tourists and residents wishing to enjoy and learn about these emblematic sites in Los Realejos.