Beaches and Natural Pools

The steep coastline of Los Realejos offers a short stretch of coast with five black sand pebble beaches and some natural pools.

Some of them get very crowded all year round, whereas others are virtually deserted. These paradise-like beaches bring visitors the possibility to experience nature at its purest.

Los Roques, La Fajana, Castro, El Guindaste, El Socorro y La Grimona are all beaches surrounded by cliffs and lush vegetation, which make them unique on the island.

Did you know…?

The location of the Canary Islands, at a few degrees from the Tropic of Cancer, makes it possible to scuba dive all year round along the coast of Los Realejos. The coastline of the municipality is a paradise for underwater observation and photography, thanks to its crystal clear water and the variety of the existing species.

These coastal spots treasure a handful of surprises for those willing to discover them, such as the ‘Piedra del Camello’ [the Camel’s Rock] –a rocky formation which seems to guard the shore-, the ‘Callabuzo’, an inlet full of molluscs, the ‘El Guindaste’ natural pools –which were the whimsical result of historic eruptions-, ‘El Ingenio’, ‘La Laja’, etc.

The natural pool area of Guindaste, El Ingenio and Los Roques is the ideal spot for both sport fishing and scuba diving enthusiasts.