Viera y Clavijo’s House

101, Viera y Clavijo Street, is the address of the house where this distinguished Canarian writer was born on December 28th 1731. His intellectual standing included many disciplines, which ranged from historiography to natural sciences, not to mention his great qualities as a writer.

This emblematic two-storey house only preserves its original façade, since the inside of the house has been fully restored to meet habitability standards. There is a plaque on the façade, which explains this historic event. Viera y Clavijo plays a pivotal role in the rich cultural tradition of Los Realejos, which depicts the pillars onto which present-day Canarian identity stands. The “Día de las Letras” (the Day of the Canarian Writers) has been celebrated since 2006 to commemorate the date of his death, February 21st 1813.

This house was declared a Cultural Heritage Site, under the category of ‘Monument’ in 1986, by the Canarian Government.