Hermitage of Saint Sebastian

Construction of this chapel that is dedicated to the martyr Saint Sebastian, commenced in 1735 and was finished two years later thanks to the efforts of the local inhabitants who pushed construction along after the old 16th century chapel that was built on a hill named after Saint Sebastian and where now the centre of San Agustín is situated, collapsed.

The building has the typical features of this kind of religious architecture with thick masonry walls and a wooden panel ceiling of Mudejar tradition. On its facade is a round arch constructed of grey stone and a single, crenelated bell gable. Inside is a simple altarpiece depicting the name giving saint that is connected to the circle of José Luján Pérez.

The building suffered a fire in 1885 which damaged part of its structure and some of the artwork in its interior.

The square on the outside was used as a resting place for funeral processions arriving from more distant places and was therefore dubbed Square of the Cross of the Dead.