Hermitage of Saint Peter the Apostle

The chapel of Apostle Saint Peter was built in the first decade of the 17th century next to the “camino Real”, opposite the “Cross of Castro” on the land of the Ramblas thanks to the sponsorship of Pedro de Navarro, the erstwhile owner of the “Hacienda de Castro” estate. It replaces the old hermitage built by Francisco Ruíz in the “horses’ gorge” (“baranco de los caballos”) – also known as gorge of Ruíz – a century earlier and that was destroyed by a landslide towards the end of that century.

Its architecture is simple as is common for this kind of building and it contains a few noteworthy elements such as the painted frieze on the walls and its Mudejar style ceiling.

A modest altarpiece with the name giving saint, that reminds us of works from Sevillian workshops from the late 16th and early 17th century due to its posture, serene expression and the composition and colouring of the sculpture.