Church of the Holy Cross

A chapel in honour of the Holy Cross has existed in this place since the 17th century. In 1746 the locals asked for a larger plot so a larger enclosure could be built. In 1766 the new temple, with a single nave, a prominent chancel and a sacristy on its south side was inaugurated.

Inside stands the Holy Cross, an old wooden piece that according to legend appeared to a rider in the La Raya canyon. Additionally there are a number of sculptures and paintings dedicated to our Lady of Mercy, among others.

The most important festivities here are the festivals of the Holy Cross on May 2nd and 3rd, and the festival in honour of our Lady of Mercy in September.

The church was declared a parish in 1929, the most prominent images being that of the Holy Wood and Our Lady of Mercy, which is a 18th century anonymous work.

Other valuable artworks are kept in this church, such as the images of Saint Joseph, Saint Bernard, Saint Anthony of Padua or Saint Thomas of Villanueva.

The baroque paintings of the Dead Christ and Saint Dominic de Guzmán are the best examples of its pictorial heritage.