May Celebrations

The May Celebrations (Fiestas de mayo) in Los Realejos could be described as a harmonious blend of festivals, acts and events that, over the course of a month, offer an authentic potpourri of things to do. All of these events pay special homage to the cultural heritage of the Canary Islands.

The folklore, devotion, tradition and a sense of identity define the month of May in Los Realejos. The festivities begin with the opening ceremony which takes place at the end of April after which is the Day of the Cross, then festivals, competitions, concerts, expositions, sporting events, fairs, the “romería chica” and the “romería de San Isidro Labrador y Santa María de la Cabeza” (outdoor events involving traditional music and food + agricultural processions). The following Monday sees the celebration of Our Lady of Remedies (la Virgen de los Remedios).

Did you know…?

The Islands Festival (Festival de Las Islas) takes place on the last Saturday in May. This music festival is dedicated to Canarian folk music and in 2013 they celebrated the 29th anniversary of the festival. This is the oldest festival to be celebrated in the Canary Islands and all seven islands are represented.

The whole month is one long celebration. A large number of different groups, families, event organisers, public institutions participate in the events as well as the town itself, which is the true star of the show.