Easter in Los Realejos involves a unique combination of both old and new traditions. The rugged terrain of the town plays its part as do the numerous parishes that have been set up over the years within the municipality. The old traditions are deeply rooted in religious faith and have been inherited from centuries gone by, but can be seen in the acts that take place each year.

The Easter celebrations of yesteryear were originally held in the founding parishes of St. James the Apostle and Our Lady of the Conception (Apóstol Santiago and Nuestra Señora de la Concepción), however, over the course of the twentieth century new parishes have been built in Icod el Alto, Palo Blanco, la Zamora, La Montañeta and Toscal Longuera and these now also play host to the different religious events that are organised over Easter.

Easter week continues to draw the community together in celebration at the different sites of worship or during the religious processions. It also provides tourists or residents from other areas of the island the unique opportunity to witness the solemnity of the events and see the ephemeral artworks on display.