Great Wine Festival of Tenerife – GFVT

The town hall of Los Realejos, the Cabildo’s Department of Agriculture and the regulatory council of the Orotava Valley appellation of origin, with the collaboration of the appellations of origin of Tacoronte Acentejo, Icoden Daute Isora, Guimar Valley and Abona, are organising the Great Wine Festival of Tenerife – GFVT2017, that will take place on September 9th of 2017 on the Socorro beach.

The aim of this festival is to advertise the wines produced on the island, as well as the gastronomy, landscapes, beaches and active tourism options offered by the municipality of Los Realejos; also to promote and improve responsible consumption and ecologically sound and sustainable behaviours in our environment in a pioneering event on the islands.

Tasting glasses made from Tritan will be sold for 2 Euro a piece and individual garbage bags will be handed out. 1 Euro will be reimbursed for the bags that are returned having been employed to collect waste and used containers. This way visitors collaborate in maintaining and conserving the area.

Tritan is a biphenol-A-free polycarbonate whose main characteristics are the following:
• Being free of biphenol A it does not damage health.
• The material is resistant to shock and breakage.
• Due to its durability it is a sustainable product that has great potential for reusability.
• It is a food safe plastic.
• It can be washed by hand and in the dishwasher.
• It can be used in microwave ovens.
• It does not retain odours or flavours.

Apart from what was said above, it is a safe product, as it will not break when it is dropped, like a conventional tasting glass would. This is an important consideration for an event that takes place on a beach where most visitors will walk barefoot.

Chill-out furniture consisting of low tables, puffs, armchairs, glow balls and cones will be placed on the sand. There will also be a stage for performances on the beach. In order to avoid traffic jams, agglomerations and excessive pollution, the organisers will make free
public transportation available from the municipal market and the San Agustín sports centre to the esplanade of the parking lot on the TF C 820 road, and from there to the beach. Other measures for promoting the use of collective public transport will also be put in place. The aim is not only to avoid drinking and driving but also unnecessary journeys and pollution.

It will be the largest open air wine tasting event on Tenerife with hundreds of wines; among them dry whites, cask aged whites, fruity whites, rosé wines, fuity rosés, red wine from carbonic maceration, young reds, cask aged reds and “crianza” and sweet red wines. Wines that have been awarded multiple prizes at all levels testifying the good work of the traditional family wineries, the large producers and the exporters alike.

Musical entertainment shall be offered from 6.00 till 8.00 pm by “Mapa Sonoro”, from 8.00 till 10.00 pm by “Sabor a Voz”, from 10.00 pm till midnight by “Ni 1 Pelo de Tonto” and from then on again, till the end of the event, by “Mapa Sonoro”.

Wine, food, music and landscape will come together at this unique chill-out event which intends to attract a large number of visitors to the Socorro beach and which will also be an exceptional opportunity to promote and improve responsible and sustainable behaviour towards the environment.