Gofio is a traditional foodstuff that has been passed down the generations since the times of the earliest settlers. Nowadays it is recognised by the quality assurance logo of the European Union.

In times of hunger gofio became a staple food for poorer families. It has fantastic nutritional properties and is highly esteemed amongst nutritional experts. The Protected Geographic Indication (PGI) for Canarian Gofio now protects its production, which consists of creating a mix of wheat, corn, and sometimes barley. The Regulatory Board guarantees the quality and characteristics of the production process, right from the selection of grains through to the milling and roasting stages.

Today the gofio flour that is obtained from the milling and roasting process is used in a wide variety of dishes, just as it was in the past. More recently, it has become popular in desserts being made in homes and in the hotel industry.

Did you know…?

  • Icod el Alto is famous for its gofio mills. The wonderful aromas from the roasting ovens of this cereal invade our senses as we pass through the neighbourhood of Lance.

Recommended vendors of gofio in Los Realejos

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