San Fernando’s Fort

Located at one end of Castro estate –also known as El Mayorazgo estate and manor-, the San Fernando’s Fort is a fortification built in the late 18th century.

In 1808, it was equipped with a five-cannon embrasure (three of which are still preserved), placed under command of Agustín de Bethencourt y Castro. The fort was built because of the state of insecurity in the coast, due to the presence of pirates who would attack and rob ships leaving the islands towards Mainland Spain.

It’s said that notorious pirate dubbed Cabeza de Perro [Dog’s Head], who was born in Tenerife, used to sail around this area. Scary stories about attacks on ships heading for the New World in the Atlantic Ocean have crossed boundaries. In addition to this, the beautiful landscapes of Rambla de Castro, where the fort stands, have been the natural location for many film sequences, the most relevant being shot for Moby Dick’s first version and James Bond.