Boutique Relieve

This pastry confectioner opened in 1988 in El Toscal. It continues the family tradition of cake making and baking and aims to offer the highest quality traditional products to its clients.

There are four shops in total that can be found in Los Realejos (El Toscal and La Montaña), Puerto de La Cruz, and La Orotava. It has been able to maintain its original character despite all of the changes taking place in modern society. The next generation of the family is now carrying its torch and walking firmly into the future with new creations, by daring to innovate, by refreshing their ideas and by continually learning about their trade.

These are their “best sellers”: orange or guava flavoured rosquetes, filo pastry tarts filled with either guava or with candied pumpkin (angel hair). Like all the great classics, these will suit anyone’s tastebuds or any occasion.

However, they have also continued to add new items and products to their list, including: macaroons with seven different fillings; new flavours of cakes and tarts such as pistachio or passion fruit; and new textures such as crunchy candies and soft mousses.

The Relieve Boutique has always used the best ingredients in its products. They believe the quality of the finished product depends entirely on the quality of the raw ingredients. It also pays the same amount of attention to the look of its packaging and how the client receives its products or the design of its shops. It is continually striving to make its products stand out and reflect their times.

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