Abuela Mercedes Confectioners

The activities of this confectioner involve the preparation of traditional sweets such as cakes, tarts, sponges, oven-baked rosquetes, meringues and sweet egg pudding.

Although production takes place all year round, at Christmas time the production of certain sweets increases and the public associates them with the Christmas season.

This business teaches the next generation its knowledge and skills in family run workshops.

Over the years, the confectioner has help our society to live out its traditions and pass them down to the next generation. They have helped keep tradition alive for the last 140 years.

In 2004 the eminent newspaper “Diario de Avisos” gave its gastronomy prize for best pastry to the pastry shop “Abuela Mercedes”.

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Type of activityRepostería tradicional
AddressCalle el Sol, 22
Phone922 341 057