La Corona Lookout

One of the most beautiful views of Tenerife can be seen from this place, 750 metres above sea level, on one of the summits of the Tigaiga massif.

This emblematic place offers an incomparable frame for viewing the whole Orotava valley in the north-west of the island and from where you can reach a great number of hiking trails.

This place has always been a resting area for wayfarers and travellers who climbed the heights every day to collect fire wood. In 1922 a cross was placed there by petition of some locals who had survived an accident in the area without injury.

Because of its location, height and flying conditions this is one of Europe’s best places for paragliding and hang-gliding. Because of this, a runway was installed a few years ago.

Did you know…?

Given its location, altitude and flight conditions, the takeoff runway near La Corona lookout is one of the hot spots for paragliding and gliding in Europe.