Southern Magnolia

The Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora. fam.: Magnoliaceae)

Belonging to the family of the Magnoliaceae, this tree possesses a straight trunk with smooth,
dark grey rind and a wide, conical canopy. Its most attractive features are its fruit which is
reminiscent of a pineapple and its large, fragrant flowers. It looks a bit like a rubber fig.

Imported to the Canaries from America, these trees were often planted towns and private
gardens. This magnolia in Los Realejos must have been planted in the gardens of what was
then known as the “Piloto”estate and is currently the only three left in those gardens.

In order to highlight the significance of this magnificent specimen, the town hall of Los
Realejos has built a park with a cafeteria and a playground around it which is called “Parque
La Magnolia”.