The Araucaria Of Calle La Charca

Araucaria heterophylla of the family of the Araucariaceae

This tree can be found in various places in Los Realejos, this specimen being remarkable for
its age, size and robustness.

It helps clear the air of harmful substances, endures the sea air and the winds. It is of slow

The araucaria heterophylla is endemic to a territory made up of three islands in the Pacific
situated between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia.

When the famous seafarer James Cook discovered and named the onluy 34 square
kilometre big island of Norfolk in 1774, he found himself a veritable treasure for the British
navy: Woods of 50 metre tall trees with perfectly straight, resistant trunks; these pines (which are not actual pines) would become the navy’s favourite masts.

The tree made the island of Norfolk famous and it can be found on its flag, but its popularity extends to the whole of Australia, where other types of auraucaria can be found as well, namely a. cunninghamii and a. bidwillii.