Another sport that is also popular in Los Realejos is surfing. Thanks to the surf enthusiasts the Socorro Beach has made a name for itself across Europe.

There are waves all year round and perfect water temperatures, making this the ideal spot to go for a swim or surf the waves.

There are four seasons, two of which are calmer. The first of these two is from April to March and waves are about 1 – 3 metres high. The second of these is from September to November and waves are about 2 – 3 metres high. From December to March the tides are stronger and the waves are 2 – 5 metres high. However, the waves can get to 8 metres high with gusts of wind.

Every year from May to September, the beach plays host to several local, national and international surfing, body board and long board championships.

Leading surf schools in Los Realejos