Scuba diving

Given its geographical location, just a few degrees from the Tropic of Cancer, the Canary Islands and Los Realejos are perfect for practising sports all year round, including the very popular sport of scubadiving.

The transparency of the water makes visibility good all year round (up to 15-20 metres in winter and up to 40-50 metres in summer). The exceptional variety of species makes the coastline and Guindaste an authentic paradise for underwater photographers and the observation of sealife.

The temperature of the water ranges between 19 degrees in February and 23 degrees in August, so diving will always be a pleasure. The most important and famous dive site is in la Baja de Los Realejos, a huge underwater lava rock that sits about 10 m out from the coast and about 70 m deep.

It is the ideal site for all types of divers as it contains caves, arches, tunnels, rocky outcrops, abysses and rock formations and a variety of flora and fauna, which offers those lucky enough to see all this some unique and unforgettable contrasts.

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