Each one of the natural areas in Los Realejos is connected to the other nature spots and urban areas via a network of old and new trails, which means that almost the entire municipality can be covered this way.

From the coastlines to the hilltops, hikers can experience a wide variety of views and panoramas. They will also be able to see rare and endangered plants and animals that thrive in Los Realejos thanks to the existing and future protection offered them by the natural reserves here.

The best way to get to know the municipality is to walk these trails and interact with the local residents you meet on the way. You will learn about their customs and traditions, their past, and even the legends that make these walks so magical.

For those who love hard-core sporting challenges, Los Realejos has some of the steepest geography that can be found within Spanish territory along its Route 0-4-0. This route starts down at Socorro beach then crosses several neighbourhoods of the municipality before making its ways into Teide National Park. It then climbs to the highest point on the peak of Teide (El Pico del Teide) before making its way back down to Socorro beach again. This route rises 4 km from sea level and 7 from the sea floor, with close to 7600 metres of uneven terrain over almost 59 km of mountainous terrain.

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