The Association of bonita-potato growers and traditional farming of Icod el Alto, LA PAPA BONITA

This association of farmers from Los Realejos has been working for years to recuperate the old potato seeds of the Canary Islands.

The bonita-potato, also known as the old potato of the Canary Islands, was conserved over generations by farming families in Icod el Alto who planted them for their own consumption. The association La Papa Bonita has its origin in a group of farmers’ vision of the future whose motto is: “The bonita potato is not only a product, it is also culture”. The association’s goals are conservation and recuperation of bonita potato and traditional produce farming, production development and improvement, conservation of the environment, rural development and protection of the Canarian agricultural sector.

These farmers produce, apart from bonita potatos, other traditional products, such as wheat, corn, white lupin beans and white beans. They also promote farming among the young people of the area and organise species identification seminars and commented tastings of bonita potatos.


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Type of activityAgrícola
AddressCamino Real, 84
Phone618 630 127