La Suertita Wine Cellar

“La Suertita Wine Cellar – Modern Tradition”.

This is a family owned wine cellar that was incorporated in the appellation of origin of Valle de La Orotava in 2006.

It began in 2001 with small harvests that have been growing over the years. Different wines are made here: La Suertita Dry White, the winery’s flagship of which most is produced. Suertita Barrel Aged White is an innovative project on the Island, because very few wines are made from the listán blanco variety of grapes and ages in casks of American oak. Further wines Suertita Red and Suertita Fruity, as well as Suertita Vijariego and Suertita Albillo. The latter two are very successful unmixed varietal wines.

This winery almost exclusively makes white wines. It is a project that is alive and creative and wants to surprise new clients and maintain satisfied existing ones.

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