El Quinto Farm

This farm is spread over 60,000 square metres and is squeezed between the sea and the mountains just a 15-minute walk from the ‘El Socorro’.

It is a family owned and run business that has been using organic farming methods since 1986. What were once dry and arid abandoned allotments, with few flora or fauna to speak of, have since become an oasis that houses the abundance of nature and is thanks to the hard work and vision of the owners.

The most noteworthy seasonal crops include: bananas, papayas, mangos, Macadamia nuts, oranges, avocados, grapefruit, custard apples (chirimoyas), pear squash, cayenne cherries, guava, feijoas, loquat, etc.

You can also get to know and enjoy the day-to-day activities of the farm and its animals: ducks, dogs, Canarian Black Pigs, chickens, carp and even parrots.

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Type of activityProducción Ecológica
AddressCaserío los Quintos, 37
Phone922 345 002
Fax922 341 175